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    At Vector Media, we’ve got a bone to pick with the Bard. To us, all the world’s a canvas. A canvas that is integrated, dynamic, and increasingly technological. A canvas on which to tell rich and relevant brand stories. At Vector, we make the most of this canvas, connecting brands to consumers through an innovative media platform that inspires creativity and delivers measurable impact.

    We work with brands to create meaningful experiences out in the world that make people stop, look up from their phones, and smile. How? The answer is simple (and one even Shakespeare could get behind). At Vector Media, we help brands Tell Better Stories.

Our Core Values



We are resourceful and inventive. We break the rules when they need breaking.



We value diversity and work in concert as a team. It’s more fun that way.



We are purposeful in our goals, and mindful in our efforts to achieve them.



We are responsive and reliable, and always take ownership of our actions.



We value learning, as well as the ambition and perseverance it requires.



We’re unabashedly cheeky at times, and never take ourselves too seriously.

Leadership Team

Whether devising shrewd business strategy, inspiring productive teamwork, or just settling disputes over where to order lunch, the Vector leadership team comprises some of the finest minds in the industry.

Marc Borzykowski

Chief Executive Officer

Marc’s unique brand of leadership is the secret sauce in Vector’s success. He’s been with the company since 2005, serving early on as Real Estate Manager and Director of Business Development. After spearheading significant expansion of Vector’s media platform through the acquisition of key inventory throughout the United States, Marc was named COO. He went on to oversee important strategic growth initiatives, including expansion into Europe. These days, as Vector’s CEO, he continues to push the brand into uncharted territory. Marc earned his Juris Doctor from the Cardozo School of Law in New York and his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University in New Orleans.

Chad Silver

Chief Operating Officer

A diehard Michigan Wolverines fan, Chad has a unique appreciation for the razor thin margin between victory and defeat. And as his leadership at Vector proves, he knows what it takes to win. As COO, Chad takes a multidisciplinary approach, always ensuring his team has the tools and procedural efficiencies they need to succeed. Chad earned his Juris Doctor from the Cordozo School of Law, after which he began his career at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP. He then served as general counsel for a large format printing organization before moving to Vector. Over the course of ten years and various roles here, Chad has coached the team to a record that rivals even his beloved Michigan football.

Gary Greenstein

Chief Revenue Officer

Gary began his out-of-home media career in the London office of Transportation Displays Incorporated (TDI, formerly CBSOutdoor, now Outfront Media). He went on to move to their NYC office, where he learned from the ground up. Less than a year after Vector’s founding, Gary was brought on to launch the Sales department. Now with two decades of experience, he serves as the company’s CRO. Gary leads Vector’s Sales teams in dozens of markets around the country with the same energy he had on his first day, almost 20 years ago.

Lauren Smith

Chief of Staff

Lauren has a knack for translating our visions and dreams into actionable, strategic plans. With a Harvard Law degree and business development experience in Silicon Valley, she’s the first line of defense for our C-Suite. Lauren provides direct support for our CEO and COO, and ensures business initiatives move forward. At Vector, we like to come up with wild ideas and make them happen. To her credit, Lauren refuses to meet us halfway. Instead, she meets us on the moon, where we figure out how to leapfrog to the stars.

Scott August

Chief Financial Officer

As Vector’s CFO, Scott works directly with our investors and management team, spearheading a collective effort to make smart, data-driven business decisions. When he’s not crunching the veritable numbers, Scott can be found long-distance cycling or enjoying a glass of good red wine. Sometimes both at the same time.

Dan Dorato-Hankins

Chief Technology Officer

Dan is affectionately known as “Doc” around here, because when it comes to computers he’s a veritable brain surgeon. He leads the team responsible for Vector’s internal core technology systems and services. If that weren’t enough, Dan simultaneously acts as the CTO of SkyFox Wireless, a Vector subsidiary that provides mobile high-speed connectivity to transit providers. Pretty much anything that beeps or has flashing lights around here, Doc heads up the team that keeps it healthy.

Jim MacCurtain

Chief Strategy Officer

A creative storyteller with an analytical and consultative approach, Jim is key to guiding Vector’s business strategy. He’s an expert in media and sponsorship sales and marketing with 15 years’ experience working on multi-platform campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the US. Jim spent the last 7 years at NBC where he was Vice President of Olympics and Sports sales; he held previous roles at the NBA, US Tennis Association, and Velocity Sports & Entertainment. He holds degrees from the University of Richmond and the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Christian Serino

Executive VP of Sales

As the Executive VP of Sales, Chris has somehow found a way to oversee dozens of markets across the country, serve as a highly requested client-facing brand ambassador, and divvy up the remainder of his time amongst the internal Sales team. It’s these skills, along with over 20 years of experience, that he’s used to drive his current team of account executives to redefine the boundaries of out-of-home media. Don’t even think about challenging him to a push-up contest.

Magnus Acheampong

Executive VP of Operations

Magnus is the type of guy whose laugh enters the room well before he does. Hilarious and infectious, it fills the halls at Vector, so you always have a good idea when to expect him. Magnus tirelessly leads the national Operations team, ensuring the flawless execution of every campaign. He has come to represent the very definition of reliability around here. If Magnus promises to get something done, he will move mountains to make sure that it happens.

Donna Arduini

Senior VP of Finance

Donna oversees Vector’s day-to-day accounting and finance functions, ensuring we’re always comfortably in the black. She’s constantly implementing new and improved financial systems and procedures, keeping us ahead of trends when it comes to our piggy bank. Around here she’s known as PC, not because of her political leanings, but because she won’t stop begging for a PC instead of a Mac.

David Daucanksi

Senior VP of Transit Media

A veteran in the industry with a boatload of experience in out-of-home transit, David manages all of Vector’s public transit markets, including leading local sales teams. David was definitely not hired just because his initials are D.D., the same as our signature Double Deckers. But if he picks up the nickname “Double D,” he’ll know it comes from a good place.

Jonathan Lipton

VP of Regional Sales

Jonathan is nothing if not reliable. Well, okay, he’s one thing: always in a good mood. His dependability and chipperness both come in handy when he’s managing his energetic and diverse Sales team. Jonathan is like a mother hen to his flock of account executives—keeping them warm and close when they need support, but also encouraging them to take the risks they need to grow.

Ian Greenberg

VP of Experiential Sales

Ian is the driving force of Vector’s Experiential Sales. He manages our biggest Experiential accounts and ensures his band of misfits are supported, motivated, and rewarded. Ian will attest that he’s not much of a neat freak, but the campaigns he pulls together tend to be pretty darn tidy.

Heidi Gonzalez

GM & VP of Sales, Las Vegas

In a city that boasts world-class Elvis impersonators and nightly Britney Spears concerts, Heidi is still our favorite Vegas resident. She’s an expert in the market, offering unparalleled guidance to our local Sales team. In 2013, Vector was awarded the contract to serve as the exclusive advertising partner for the city’s Regional Transport Commission (RTC). Heidi and her team ensure that Vector always makes good on its word—even in the City of Sin.

Laura Segui

VP of National Sales

If an undeniable magnetism is central to the Leo persona, then consider us true believers of the astrological chart. Laura’s a Leo through and through. She possesses an innate charisma, a big heart, and wears a constant smile. It’s these characteristics that make her perfectly suited to manage Vector’s national agency and client relationships.

Justin Steinfelder

VP of Strategic Partnerships

Justin’s diligence and inquisitiveness perfectly balance his charming, easy-going personality. His role at Vector is similarly balanced; he manages the company’s relationships with inventory partners while also seeking and developing new business. Needless to say, he’s the perfect guy for the job.

Lynn Bilotto

Director of Human Resources

Her office may look chaotic (paperwork, paperwork, paperwork!), but worry not, Lynn’s got this. “This” meaning payroll, benefits, employee relations, policies and procedures, onboarding, offboarding, job postings… Oh my!

Tina Padilla

Director of Production Services

Tina has her eye on every campaign Vector activates. She’s the mastermind of our streamlined production process, from creative conceptualization to producing final pieces for posting. Tina’s impromptu dance parties to the Smiths, staged at her desk, help keep the process moving along.

Arielle Garti

Director of Sales Operations

Vector’s Sales team reaches far and wide, tethered by the Sales Support team at home base. This is where Arielle comes in. Arielle leads and manages the Sales Support team, while simultaneously ensuring all Sales management initiatives are seamlessly integrated. Arielle is the anchor to the Sales sail. She’s the captain of her fleet.

Luke Leonard

Director of Marketing

Luke’s relocation from Sydney, Australia to New York City isn’t the only reason you could describe his work as “out of home.” In the role of Director of Marketing, Luke is the conductor of Vector’s artistic orchestra, working strategically and creatively with his team to deliver contemporary symphonies. As the head of branding, communications, and lessons in Aussie slang, the compositions he puts together are (usually) music to our ears

Brendan McGuckin

Director of Information Technology

Drumroll please… Other than maintaining all of Vector’s hardware and software, Brendan’s a talented percussionist. If you think about it, the two aren’t that different. Brendan’s an expert at deftly ensuring multiple things continue to run smoothly and in rhythm. As information flows between Vector’s offices coast to coast, Brendan calmly mans the controls, ensuring nobody ends up with whiplash.

Filip Simic

Director of National Operations

Assisting the Executive VP of Operations, Filip helms the operations in the southern region of the US. Stationed in Miami, Filip spends his time maintaining business relationships, managing installations, and coordinating campaigns. When he visits Vector HQ in New York City, he always brings a bit of the Floridian sunshine with him.

Sara Robinson

Director of Events

Take a number! A Vector veteran, Sara has been involved, at one point or another, in every area of our Sales and Marketing departments. She’s at the heart of an increasingly long list of different projects, so the line outside of her office can get a little long. As the Director of Events, Sara is responsible for a smorgasbord of company events and initiatives, as well as project management for our Experiential division.

Dave Peterson

Director of Transit Operations

Dave got his start in transit advertising a long time ago in a bus yard far, far away… (Ok, it was in 2009 and the bus yard was in Massachusetts). Since then, Dave has sold, designed, and installed transit displays across the country, in addition to supporting nationwide sales and business development. These days, Dave works to ensure our transit displays are the envy of the entire galaxy.

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